Winkworth Farm

An ecological wedding venue

Project Value: Approximately £700,000

The scheme first came to the practice after the owners had already achieved planning permission for the redevelopment of the barn. We remodelled the design with a new application, which better complimented the historic farm setting and enhanced the concept to better suit the needs of the client, and their aspirations of being an ecological wedding venue. The design strives to provide a modern catering venue whilst retaining the charm and rural values that made the business successful in the first place.

Ecological measures include:

  • Grey water usage
  • Solar thermal water heating
  • Onsite waste treatment
  • Recycling and composting schemes
  • Minimising embodied CO2 in construction materials
  • Reused/reclaimed building materials
  • Exposed thermal mass
  • Permeable surfaces
  • Maximised natural lighting and ventilation.
Winkworth Farm, Lee, Malmesbury non-residential